BloodStor® Biopreservation Freeze Media

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BloodStor freeze media is specifically designed for cryopreservation of stem cells isolated from umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood, and bone marrow.

BloodStor 55-5 is pre-formulated with 55% (w/v) DMSO USP, 5% (w/v) Dextran-40 USP, and water for injection (WFI) quality water. BloodStor 100 contains 100% (w/v) DMSO USP.

BloodStor products meet USP <71> Sterility and USP <85> Endotoxin testing standards, and are manufactured under cGMP.

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BloodStor 55-5

BloodStor 55-5 Biopreservation Media

BloodStor 55-5 contains 55% USP grade DMSO and 5% USP grade Dextran-40 in water for injection quality water (WFI) and supports a common cord blood processing protocol. The product is packaged in industry standard, single-use sterile vials with a fill volume of 7.2mL. BloodStor 55-5 Product Information Sheet (PDF)

BloodStor 100

BloodStor 100 Biopreservation Media

BloodStor 100 contains 100% USP grade DMSO and is packaged in 50ml and 100mL vials.
BloodStor 100 Product Information Sheet (PDF)

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Custom Orders

Please contact us for bulk or custom package configurations of BloodStor biopreservation media.

Product Part # Package/Volume Order
BloodStor® 55-5
Preformulated with 55% DMSO
+ 5% Dextran-40
355371 1 x 5.6mL vial ORDER
BloodStor® 55-5
Preformulated with 55% DMSO
+ 5% Dextran-40
355372 1 x 7.2mL vial ORDER
BloodStor® 100 – 100% DMSO 410301 1 x 50mL vial ORDER
BloodStor® 100 – 100% DMSO 410302 1 x 100mL vial ORDER

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